Cat Tune

This tune that's playing on my phone I remember this, is this the clue she gave me?

My... what a unquie ringtone you have there. Shouldn't you answer it? This could be your last chance to talk to whoever it is.

As I was about too I could hear some thumping near my desk. I went over there to find a box moving around. I picked it up as if I knew what was inside and presented it to Gloria. Letting my ringtone to continue playing. The cat I was looking for burst out of the box moving around like it was dancing. Gloria was ecstatic to see her cat she went over to hug and pet it like crazy.

Thnak you. Thank you. Where ever did you find him and why did you make me wait so long?

I would like to tell you but just keep a better handle on your cat. Ok.

I will. I will. And don't you worry you will have $1,000,000 later this evening. Bye

She and her entourage left with the quickness and my body felt like water where all of that tension and stress was realeased. But why did my ringtone change into that? Then Carmine walks in as if everything was fine.

Hey! Where were you and what took you so long to come back I was in a real pickle here. You know I how my memory is.

I know that's why I helped you.


Yeah you said that you hadn't had a lapse in three days so you took so precaution this time. You said that if I call you a laspe had happened.

Why wouldn't I just tell you to give them the cat?

Oh that's because when we founded it in the garbage dump on the second day it was sick so we decided to nurse it back to health. During that time we just forgot to inform them about it and by the time the cat was fine it was today.

Ok but that doesn't explain why you were gone?

Oh you still don't remember. On the third day you went to an abandoned building to fine herbs for the cat to get better and you were attacked by a mountain lion.


Sorry not attacked but taken. A free roaming mountain lion was staying there. For some reason you weren't attacked but it took you to its den for some reason. You escaped and called animal control to take care of it but someone had to lead them there. You told me about it in very descriptive detail so I was there.

Maybe it's a good thing I lose my memory once in a while.