That's right I ate the sushi and went to the hospital because I got food poisoning. And I stayed in there the rest of that day and most of the second day.Oh man things aren't looking good. But I must asked Carmine to look while I was getting better. Right?

Alright from what I could look into it seems that you are not the first person to look for the cat. All of them failed to do so.

That just means they weren't good enough to find it.

Not really. Every single one of them who went to look for this cat are either dead or their life is way worse before they took the job.

What do you mean she killed them?

No. It's from the places they went to. Under the ocean.


In the desert.


Yeah some even went to space.

To find a cat. I don't get what's so special about this cat. Why would they go to those places?

Well from what I gathered is that the Netmores go all over the world and brings the cat with them.

Ok I get that some died due to the places they went but what about the others that are still alive?

Most are in debt or refuse to leave their home.


They were given a time limit like you but failed to do so. They were given whatever punishment they gave. Also all had longer time frame than you.

How long was it?

Well I'm not sure about the longest but the average was always a year.

Oh man this is getting bad. I still know next to nothing about the whereabouts of this cat. And from what I'm remembering it's not looking good. Ok let's just go to Day 3 but from when should I start?