Dead Cat

This can only be the right answer since I have nothing else to go on. I left the bathroom feeling a bit somber.

Gloria I have some unfortunate news to give you. Your cat is dead.

Do you honstley expect me to believe that. Do you think no one has said the same thing to me before. Alright...., fine....,I will play your game then. Then where is the body? You did bury it right.

Yes I did bury it. If you will follow me.

I lead her to the forest where I believed the cat should be. Upon being there my memories were starting to come back. I remembered being on top of the cliff. Then in a cave. I lead her to the cave and at the entrace we found the grave.

Here it is.

Well are you going to dig it up.


Do you expect me to believe that this is my cat without me looking at the body. Go now. Please I do not have all the time in the world.

Can your entourage help in anyway.

Nope just you.

I went to do as she told me.I dug through the grave with my bare hands since there weren't any tools I could use around. It took me until sunset to get to where the cat laid.

Here it is the body. I said exhausted.

Hmmm. Well I know one thing for sure and that is this is not my cat and real waste my time.

What? No this is it. I know it is.

Yes it was my cat. I expected it to be alive and not dead.

But this wasn't part of the deal.

You are right, you did find it. You know what, I have an execllent idea. I will bury you in this garve with my cat and if you can get out and find me I will give you the money.

But this.. before I could get out my next word my visioned darkened again.

Well....? I don't really know what happened to me or why I'm in this confined place lets try to remember how I got here.