Cat = Mountain Lion

The moutain lion has to be her cat. There is no other way it couldn't be it.

Gloria you cat is a moutain lion and I know where it is.

Well I do like cats and I wouldn't mind having a bigger one, but no my cat isn't a mountiain lion and is seems like I wasted my time here.

Are you sure because if you give me enough time to think it over I could

No. It's fine. Let's drop you finding my cat and you becoming my new one.


I do say it was ever enteraining seeing you squirm. You know what I think I found a new pet I can get another cat anyways.


No buts, Dear please put a collar on the detective.

Don't worry he still out there you don't need to do this.

Don't be afraid I take good care of the things I love. But they have to earn it.

I tried to run but her guards grabbed me and held me down. I fought with all my might to get away but I couldn't and the colllar was latched on me.

Good now lets go for a walk.