Next Day

Why do have that look on your face? We won.

I don't feel like it. My $1,000,000 is all gone.

Do you really think the check wouldn't bounce.

I just thouhgt I could win for once.

But we did the police got her due to your help. You recorded the whole conversation on your phone and gave it to her butler. So they went and aressted her and seized everything of her's.

I just wish I could at least get something.


What's this? A dollar?

Go play the lottery maybe you can win then.

Why would I play something when the odds are agasint me?

Didn't you try to find a cat in a rigged game where it's impossible to win.

You say impossible but there had to be a way to win trying to find that cat.

Why would you think that?

Becasue what's the fun if you know the conclusion. There had to be a cat out there almost near impossible to find then I could have had $1,000,000

Would some like her even have a easy escape option.

Yes she would that's the type of person she is. She liked crushing the hopes of others. If there was no cat to begin with or no way to find it. Many people wouldn't have tried it find it. I'm sure I wasn't the only one who found out what the quest to find the cat truly was. But with the information given and the clues they found. I sure they thought themsleves wrong.

So are you saying you would rather have her still be around and still do what she did.

What! No! I'm glad she got put away. I wish I could really celebrate in some way.

With money


Well maybe next time. We just have to keep building up our name so we can get those high class clients.