Smelly Box

I grabed the awful smelling box on reflex because I wondered what kind of thing is in there.

What is that and why are you showing this to me?

Let's find out together shall we.

I opened the box and the smell of funk. It was almost as if some brought a bunch of poop and pee which was left out in the sun, then smeared it around the box. However there was a small meow coming from the box.

Here is your cat I said without trying to throw up.

Gloria looked inside the box. Her face went from grossest to frantic in a matter of seconds.Why is my cat like this?

The words just escape me like it was muscle memory. He was in a dump for a while. I tried many ways to get rid of this smell.

Well I don't want him anymore.

But what about the money? We had a deal.

Oh you will have your money but it won't be in this countries currency.

She left at a brisk pace. The man with the sleevless jacket stayed there for a bit.

Sorry about this. Hey, if you need someone to clean the cat I know a guy.

If you know a guy why don't you just tell her that.

I would but I don't want to get into trouble. He gave me a business card and left.

Great I survied but I didn't get the money I want. Well I will but no doubt the exchange rate won't help me any. And I have a smelly cat in a box. Yay.