Congratulations!!!!!! You past the test well done. You have proved that you are not a robot that you aren't a push over. You are your own person and you do things your own way. You're reward will be given to you later. Remember the things that were said are all true. Even though you may have past it doesn't change anything about who you are. You're still a horrible and garbage of a person. You may have learned a whole lot about yourself you never even knew before and now you feel awful. But worry not because everyone is like you useless and awful. I myself am an awful person but a nice one too. I love and hate everything about people and me but I use it to let others know how awful they can be. What you do with this information is up to you. Sure you can continue as if everything I said is a lie, but let me give you a piece of advice #47869 every lie has a truth to it. Take it from me Cac Oszust. Have fun #47869.

Take it again