Case of the Puurcious Feline

Man, I am really in a bad predicament here.

Circled around me are a bunch of guys in black suits looking very menacing. All of them just looking for a reason to end me right now. In the center there are two people looking as calm as the sea an angel and a demon. The angel was on my right a man with a straight wavy black hair just passing his ear sitting cross legged, wearing a sleeve less jacket staring me down uneasily. Then to the left is a relatively small woman with a delinquent glare. She is wearing a nice white prim dress waiting to speak the words to end my life. Her name is Gloria Netenmore.

So, it's been 3 days since I asked you to find what I lost.


And you said it will only take 3 days.

Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuh Huh.

So then where is my cat?

Dear maybe it's taking a bit longer than he thought. Let's give him a bit more time.

Sorry but what I do is run a business and in business when a deal is stuck there are no exceptions.

Don't worry I know exactly where your cat is. Just let me go into the bathroom for a bit. You see I just ate something and it's really messing me up so I'll may be gone a while.



You have five minutes to finish up. If you're not out by then we'll rip you out. And if you don't tell me the where my cat is you will own up to the deal we made.

Ri... Right.

I quickly walked into the bathroom and sat on the toilet to breath. I thought I was going to pass out if I stayed there for too long.

Man why did take this job anyway? And make a dumb promise like that. I should've known she would be serious about that.

I find the cat in three days and if I don't then you can cut off my arm or make your slave for all eternity. I was too busy being blinded by greed. But who wouldn't be with being payed by one of the riches families in the world to find some cat they lost.

It also doesn't help I had another memory lapse at the worst times ever. But I have been through worse. I just have to search through my memories and find out where the cat is. I mean it can't be that hard right? I am sure I already found it. Let's start out Day 1 and see what I did.

Day 1