Day 1

So you will find my cat in 3 days.


Alright then it's a deal then. Remember if you don't find him by the time limit you'll have to pay up.

I know. But I don't really need to worry because it's going to be easy.As she left the room and couldn't keep my excitement within me any longer I just started screaming with joy.

Yayoo!! $1,000,000 to just find a cat I can't believe it this job is going to be easy.

I not show sure about that. Do you even have any leads of where the cat could be. Also don't you think it's a bit weird for someone to pay $1,000,000 to find a cat?

You worry too much. And even so it doesn't matter since I have 3 days to find it. It can't be that hard. Now come on let's go and find this cat immediately and claim that money.

Alright cool now where did I go next?