Gloria's House

We went to Gloria's house becaue it would make the most logical sense that her cat would be near her house. Once we got there I rang the bell.

Netmore residence. Who am I speaking to?

It's me Detective Absent. I'm looking for Miss Netmore's cat. I would like to check in and around the house to see if I could find anything.

Let me sepak with her. Wait a moment please.

Are you sure the cat's here?

Of course where else could it be.

I mean she travels around a lot and she did say she brouhgt her cat every where.

Here's the thing you need to know about cats. Once they become strays they try to find a place where they are given constant food. And if one place doesn't work out they go to find another. And if that new place stops, they go back to the original.

So what you're saying is this cat would come back here but why and how?

The reason is becasue it lived a pampered life. Endless food, affection, anything else cats like. So it would try to come back home.

But how would it be here then?

It will get here by

Yes, sorry to interupt you two but Lady Netmore said no and find her cat with the quickness please.

Wait but I need some more information. Can you ask you ask her again?

Sir, I have already relaid the information I was given and if you don't leave Miss Netmore told me to call the guards.

Well we can't check to see if your guess was right or not. Want to go look someplace else?

No I think we'll stay right here.


Well not here here. We'll stake it out somewhere far away because I believe there has to be a reason as to why she doesn't want us to be in her house.

You don't think she doesn't want two strangers in her house. It also doesn't help that we're detectives. Maybe she has some secrets she wants to keep hidden

Anyway let's go someplace else befroe the guards come.