Gloria's House

Come right this was detective. I was lead by her butler to the room where Gloria was sitting in and waiting for me.

Well detective that didn't take you long. Hopefully it will be the same amount of time until you realize that this is futile.

Sorry but my gut is never wrong. So, I will start to look for your cat now if you do not mind.

Please do.

I searched every where I could with in her house. Checking every nook and carnny to end up finding nothing. Then when I came back to see Gloria she looking as proud as ever.

Couldn't find him I presume.


Well detective I guess your deduction was wrong. Now let me start with tortuing you. Since you did say what was it a torturous person.

I would like you to hold on for a bit. Carmine entered the room with a cats in his hands and many following him.

I know you must be thinking however did he find my cat there is no way. Or what I should say is mostly all of my cats. You see the call I made was to my assistant. He was on lookout at your house as I searched everywhere else to find it. Once I said how I knew where your cat was I knew you would try to move at least one if not all of them.

But the call you made. You didn't talk to anyone.

That's right he didn't. Do you honestly expect him to make a call. Absent here knew you would leave someone to make sure he doesn't do anything suspicious.

The call was to let Carmine know to pay very close attentison to your residence.

Yes, not only did I find this all these cats but I found a ledger of many different cats all over the place. And many cats in the building I went to.

You truly are a cat lady.

Well I can say you got me but do you really expect me to let you two go free knowing all of this. I will end you two right here and continue my fun.

Hey, Hey, Hey, the only thing we want is well the money.

So, you entail to blackmail me. I have to pay for your slience then.

Don't think of it as blackmail. I just went far beyond finding one of the many cats you own. I'm only asking what I am owed. $1,000,000 please.

Fine. Here you go. And let us never speak to each other again.

As we departed Gloria's house I told her butler

Thanks for your hospitalitly.

No, thank you.

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