How to Read

You play as Detective Absent. Who has a bit of a memory problem. It happens on occasion the detective loose their memory. It could span from seconds to years. This time though the detective lost their memory for a very important case where it could spell the end for them. You along with the detective have to go thorugh the memory of the last three days to find where is the cat located. Be sure to lookout for links to find where to go. There a few different endings but none of them are bad or dead ends. They are if the detective can't remember before times is up.

Come on remember. What I am so post to say right now.

Your so post to introduce yourself so the people can know who is speaking when I'm Carmine by the way.

My detective if you can't even do this right I wonder if you even found my cat. Gloria Netmore a pleasure.

I don't really have a name. Call me Sleevesless Angel.

Butler of the Netmore resdience.

Right, I'm detec


PS. There is audio to this and if doesn't work try a different browser and if it still doesn't sorry. It doesn't take away anything from this but just adds in some atmosphere.