Shelter Revist

Right I still don't know anything about the cat. I have been skipping around without any clue of the cat. There has to be something there. Try and remember the meeting with Gloria and there things should line up.

Right before we end our meeting is there anything else I need to know about the cat?

Yes when ____ hears this _____ _______ .

What was it come on remember.


I could hear the door slamming inward and a very calm and timid voice saying times up. I feared the worst I got nothing. I slowly left the bathroom dejected that it was all for naught. My time has come. As I sat back down across from Gloria I could feel my body tense. I was holding my breath on reflex because I fear of what's to come. I question myself, is this the end? I had to do something maybe I should try and remember again but before I could she spoke.

So will you tell me where my cat is. I said nothing.

You know I really thought you were the one to find it. Everyone else when they learned about my cat they said ludicrous time frame. But they were the supposed best and they asked for the money up front. While you didn't and gave the shortest time. I thought that he is someone who can really do. So..

I don't know I whispered very faintly.


I don't know again faintly






Know!! I shouted. I don't know where your cat is outside my office.

So what you're saying my cat is in the office where?

Why did I say that? It was like I unconsciously knew it. Maybe I can run with this but how? And then my phone rang this tune.