That's right, she didn't want us to look around her house. Then reason for it has to be the answer to this riddle. Let's go and finish this rigged quest.

Gloria Netmore. You really are crafty aren't you.

What ever do you mean detective? Are you saying you can't find my cat.

Yes, I am saying I can't find your cat?

Oh, then it's time to pay up and be done with this waiting around.

Hold on one second Miss Netmore. Don't you want to know the reason as to why I couldn't find your cat?

No, not really. If you can't find him then why should I bother to hear and excuse. Do you want me pity you? Well you did your best. And now it's time to pay for your incompetence.

Please humor me for one more time and you can do whatever you want to me. Kill me, grill me, make me a slave, or hey even make me your new pet. But hear me out for this last time.


Fine, but make it quick.

Thank you. Now the reason I can't find your cat is because it was never missing to begin with.

Do really expect be to believe this?

Oh, I do. Becaue I had my assasitent look around to see if you had others like me to find this elusive feline. But what didn't make sense was why they went to some many different place to find this cat espeacilly in dangerous places. Space, ocean, desert, and so many more.

Well, you know I love to travel.

That you do, but what struck me as odd was what offer you made to go to such extreme places in the first place. I for one wouldn’t go to space just for $1,000,000. I love the planet I'm on thank you.

It is true they were offered different types of rewards. But also their punishments are different as well.

That's right, the punishments. This is the key to everything. The punshiments are whatever they said or what you want. You see I have a bit of a memory problem. I lose it at ill opportune times. The span can be a few hours to days or even week to years. And in my time in the bathroom I stressed over and over of where I could find any clue of where your cat can be. And you know what I found my answer.

And what is this answer?

You love torturing people. Seeing them squirm around. Having high hopes and dreams to crush them with this rigged quest of your's. I first I believed your cat to be none exgestient. But that can't be true. So what I propose is go to your house and I will find your cat within it.

Fine detective well go to my house. And you won't find my cat anywhere. And once you see how off base you are. I will become this tortuous person you believe me to be.

Sure you guys go ahead I'll will have to lock up my office. I will meet you there.

Ok detective but let me leave one of my gurads with you. Don't want you running off now do we.

As they left and I was left with one of her gurads. I locked up the office.

Do you mind if I make a call. He shook his head.

After my call I made it to Gloria's house.