Hmm, I see that's how old you are. It explains all the answer you been giveing me?

OK then if you are that old then at what age would you like to die?

Well answer. Oh you're wondering why those ages well because who cares about the ages between 30-68. When you're those ages your life doesn't really matter at that point you lived long enough to die right there and then. But why 99 and 100 are an option. Well I mean why not don't you want to die a miserably death not being able to hit a hundred. I mean come on you lived 99 years what one more. Then 100 you get to feel sad about yourself because there no one you knew when you were alive and all of them died earlier isn't that just great. The younger years well I mean dying at age 5 you know nothing of the world like a candle snuffed. Age 10 is your start. Age 17 your preparation. Age 21 and 30 the world is finally you’re and you're life is about to be on track and it's all gone.