The people who fall under this sign are what we call crazy. Why do you think I call them crazy? It's because people believe the traits of originality, curiosity and unpredictability are a good thing.

Here some examples for you of people who display these traits. Edison, Einstein, Tesla, Da Vinci all these so posed great inventors are nothing but crazy people. It doesn't matter who great their invention are and what it brought they were and still are crazy. The purpose of originality is useless in society. Anything done different will be viewed as wrong. The reason for this originality shows who you truly are which is an awful person.

Everyone is messed up where there is no true right or wrong. There is only what a person deems is right or wrong those we have the people who want to stand out. Those who want to explore space. Those who think doing something different is better than the usual way. This is the same with everyone however for Aquarius's they unfortunately this trait is always showing. This all sounds nice yes. However it's not Aquarius's are people who believe that there is something more.

They don't want to take existing facts as true. They want to change something because they can't accept the world they live in. They want it to change to what they believe it to be. I assure you these aren't great things. When viewed by society these people are laughed at and sent to get psychiatric help. Even if they are alone or do great things they will always be alone. They will be by themselves both physically and mentality never understood.

If you're wondering what my sign is I will gladly tell you. It's nothing. By nothing I mean to say I don't know what day I was born on. It is a mystery. But if I were to choose a sign that represents me it's the same with the colors it will be all of them and none of them. I display each type to their most extremes. Aren't I truly an enigma.

Ok. Let's get back on topic a bit. As far as I can see is that your answers are fascinating to me. Do you know of the Rorschach test? I want to get to see who you truly are with the answers you give me. I believe I can come to conclusion to who you are and if you can change my opinion of you. Will you do anything different or will you stay the same waste of space you are?