I do wonder if the name you told me your real name. How does it feel to be ousted? They say some liars can't handle the truth about themselves, when everything about them is known they either breakdown or feel joyful. By looking at you it can go either way. It is truly a problem for them since when the mastermind is revealed they can't do anything since everyone knows who they truly are, they breakdown crying like babies. On the other hand those that feel joyful are nothing but psychotic. Happy to know people can see who they truly are and revel in it. So which will you become I wonder.

Talking about this reminds me of my sister. She loved black to death. Out of all my siblings she and I got along the most. You see my sister loved playing dirty in everything. It would be games, test, even the law anything she can lie in she would and always get away with it. She put one this nice wholesome appearance as if she was an angel until I intervened. I studied her constantly to pull it off to reveal her true colors. I found that the one thing she always did was leave notes about how she did things. They were very detailed and if she committed murder and left notes like these this would be all that they need to put her away. Once I got my hands on all of her notes I made multiple copies and spread all over the town so everyone can truly know her. When asked if it were true she laughed and laughed. Saying it was the truth calling everyone that fell for her act for years. No one talked to her since well except me. Till this day she still loves what I did. She said she left those notes waiting for someone to call her out on it. Some did, but did nothing. She told me she never expected it to be speared all over town.

You probably want to know my favorite color. Well I don't have one and I love all of them. I see no point in favoritism but if I were to pick I choose all. I'm just like my sister. The story I just told could just be a lie. Everything I'm about to say or said before is a lie. It could be possible that black is my favorite color or maybe not. Regardless let's say what I said before was true and I have no favorite and like all of them. Then it will only make me a partial liar only speaking half-truths.

However, none of this matters anyways. You know you out of the other applicants are very intriguing. You make me want to do something different. So lets go to the next phase and see if you can keep me entertained

How many fingers am I holding?