Hello your majesty. You must be a pain to be around with your rules. I bet you hold people accountable on their word. You want people to act the way you want. You're nothing but a tyrant. What is your pride hurt? Are going to do something about it? Oh wait you can't. Your morals are too high for yourself. You let your lackeys do all the dirty work.

You see another applicant like you his favorite color was blue; I believe their number was 37869. He criticized the way I spoke to him. Calling me crazy and I should be more respectful. I continued the way I talked because what right does he have to critique me. So he tried to all for another examiner and I punched him in his mouth. Then he went on and on about right this and why did you do this to me. Then someone else came in and I hit them as well. Then he said something like you shouldn't hit a woman or a child something stupid. He tried to fight me but he lost. You want to know why? It's because those with high morals and want people to abide by them can't do anything on their own. They need other to succeed, but eventually those people will leave them and they end up alone.

You probably want to know my favorite color. Well I don't have one and I love all of them. I see no point in favoritism but if I were to pick I choose all. Recounting the story I just told I guess my rules are a bit strict. However unlike the loser #37869 who can't do anything on his own I can, since my love for blue exist and doesn't.

However, none of this matters anyways. You know you out of the other applicants are very intriguing. You make me want to do something different. So lets go to the next phase and see if you can keep me entertained.

How many fingers am I holding?