You truly are a masochist being tossed around waiting, hoping for pain being brought to you. Why a masochist? Well as long your life is fine you'll take any punishment given. Thinking I everything is fine as long as I have x and such. Don't blame me for you being who you are. You let your lackeys do all the dirty work.

Talking about green reminds me about applicant #45680 who loved green. They had no self-confidence at all. They let other walk over them. #45680 told me many stories of they let people do what they want to do them. Some were beat them up, buy or pay of things for them, or even fight on their behalf for things they had no reason to be a part of. Even the test they were doing it because someone told them to. Oh how could I forget this even their pets treat them like garbage. They never listen to them eat, attack, and destroy what they want and they do nothing. It is truly a sad thing isn't it, but also really funny. Not only people but pets you can really see who the master is uh.

You probably want to know my favorite color. Well I don't have one and I love all of them. I see no point in favoritism but if I were to pick I choose all. I wouldn't say I let people walk over me, but I don't want anything to change. I enjoy where I'm at and what I can do. And if I do let people walk over me it's to bring them down later. So I say a partial and non-partial love for green.

However, none of this matters anyways. You know you out of the other applicants are very intriguing. You make me want to do something different. So lets go to the next phase and see if you can keep me entertained.

How many fingers am I holding?