A lover indeed you are. How is it being a total horny and perverted person? I wonder how many people you slept with. Maybe you even have done things that can't be put on TV, but can be on the internet on some dark forum. Your mind is nothing except pleasure. You're obsessed with it wanting to hit that everlasting climax. You also live to tease people very few to completion and others on the cusped. The reason fetishes exist are because of people like you who try for something more. Once you're bored of one pleasure you try to find the next no matter the danger. You could become a great person if you weren't such a slut.

I bet you and #1002 would get along nicely. You both are harlots to the core. You'll push and be pushed by each other, teasing on another to reach Nirvana hoping to feel never leave. But you both will soon realize that the climax never stays and you'll desperately continue and continue to stay at that point. Your obsession is so extreme without it you'll be and feel nothing in life. Your nothing but sex crazed whores trying to stay at a constant climax. Never realizing that the reason it called a climax is once everything built explodes it will eventually falls. Nothing can continue at the same level not even a climax because how can it be a climax it never ends.

You probably want to know my favorite color. Well I don't have one and I love all of them. I see no point in favoritism but if I were to pick I choose all. Listen I love sex as a next guy, but I not obsessed with it. Like any other guy I am a huge pervert but would I need sex to survive no, nether will I say I can live with out sex. Let it be known that I am a pervert and not some sexed crazed person. Remember I didn't say pink is my favorite color.

However, none of this matters anyways. You know you out of the other applicants are very intriguing. You make me want to do something different. So lets go to the next phase and see if you can keep me entertained.

How many fingers am I holding?