These guys fall under the category called saps. This is because they exhibit creative, sensual, and imaginative traits. With these traits they are recipes for disasters. They want to share emotions with others. The creative and imaginative traits display their belief on others. That belief wants people to feel and understand each other.

The creative side is the idea of consoling. They want people to let out their emotion to get to who they truly are and share it with the world. However this is a needless effort because it's not possible to do so. Everyone has something to keep hidden no matter how much effort you take to break down their walls. Even if it was possible once it’s revealed no one will ever talk to each other due to knowing what want and who they truly are. Then the imaginative side is nothing but showing their delusion. As I said earlier no matter how creative you can be it will only ruin people's lives. The only thing they do is destroy relationships instead of fix or build them.

If you're wondering what my sign is I will gladly tell you. It's nothing. By nothing I mean to say I don't know what day I was born on. It is a mystery. But if I were to choose a sign that represents me it's the same with the colors it will be all of them and none of them. I display each type to their most extremes. Aren't I truly an enigma.

Ok. Let's get back on topic a bit. As far as I can see is that your answers are fascinating to me. Do you know of the Rorschach test? I want to get to see who you truly are with the answers you give me. I believe I can come to conclusion to who you are and if you can change my opinion of you. Will you do anything different or will you stay the same waste of space you are?