Well aren't you a saint. I do wonder how high your morals truly are. Do you believe in world peace or violence isn't right answer? And if those you deem unworthy of your view on life or society you purge them from it. Sorry but your nothing but a lunatic and perfection doesn't exist. Cause if it did then you wouldn't be it. Hate to break it to you, but you may believe you're perfect and innocent, but you're nothing but a child trying to fix a broken toy which is fixed.

Just like my friend Susan. Her favorite color is white as well and in the epitome of perfection. If you give her enough time she would write a religious book about perfection and name it perfection, however she is nothing but crazy. Right now she is in a loony bin. She is there because she tried to fix her parents bodies. She said that they didn't look right. I won't go into detail on what she did to save you the trouble let's just say her parents are no longer here. Can you believe it #47869? Her parents didn't look right and she tried to fix them. The people who gave birth to her she are the combination of both of them and she wanted them to have a complete makeover. Last time I met her she said that the doctors didn't look right either and she fixed them too. Oh Susan I hope never change so you can bring me countless entrainment.

You probably want to know my favorite color. Well I don't have one and I love all of them. I see no point in favoritism but if I were to pick I choose all. I guess I am a pure innocent maiden as well. I won't really call myself crazy or anything like Susan, but I can't stand to see people act in a certain way. The way they act makes be bored so I try to make them to the perfect toy I can play with forever and those who can't entertain me are just unless. Well maybe not since white isn't my all-time favorite color. So only a bit more on the innocent side and I almost perfect those toys because as I said before perfection doesn't exist.

However, none of this matters anyways. You know you out of the other applicants are very intriguing. You make me want to do something different. So lets go to the next phase and see if you can keep me entertained.

How many fingers am I holding?